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Received a "Form 1099-K" Email - Scam or Legit?

I received an email today from “Fiver” but the email address is

The email content is:

Please find attached your Form 1099-K.

The password for the Form is the last 4 digits of your SSN/EIN.

If you have any questions please approach the customer support team at

There is also an attached PDF, which Gmail currently blocks because the email is suspicious.

Can anyone vouch whether this is a scam or legit? I don’t remember how I got my 1099 last year.


Is it a SCAM. Report him to FIVERR support


Thanks for confirming! I forwarded the email to Fiverr Support.


Love how the one who emailed you has the email “soft CONS” … get it, CONS? ha!



I received that email today as well.

“The password for the Form is the last 4 digits of your SSN/EIN.”

Me, a British girl, living in England:


Here’s what I got back From Fiverr support:

I am contacting you again with the confirmation, that the email you received is legit and is from Fiverr. The issue is with the email address of the sender, which caused confusion. Our team is working on sending you a new email, which you will receive soon.

The plot thickens…


Well now I’m even more confused!

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I got the same email, with all kinds of red flags on it from Gmail. I am waiting to see if Fiverr sends a new email with a Fiverr-linked email account.


I got another email that is a repeat of the original scam-looking email, which is odd because of the message I was told by someone allegedly in Fiverr support that I would be getting a new email and I did, but how do I know Fiverr support itself is not compromised? I don’t know who to trust now…


How did you reach Fiverr support to get the message about a new email being sent out?

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I got this too? Can someone help?

Even if it is from Fiverr, why would it be password protected with our SSN? I’ve gotten a few 1099s this week and I’ve never had any password protected lol.

Sounds fishy to me.

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Try to Telepathically sort out this. :wink:

I reached out to the official and got the weird response, including the use of the word “legit” instead of “legitimate”

As a professional writer, that was a bit suspicious to me.


Hi @mjensen415 please let us know thank you

The email is absolutely legitimate, but in typical Fiverr fashion - the way it was done doesn’t make any sense.

There is zero excuse for this to not be coming from an @Fiverr email address. Just… zero. At the very least, we should have received separate email from @Fiverr letting us know to be on the lookout for this one.

Password protecting it isn’t a bad idea (it does contain sensitive tax info after all), but using our SSN is perhaps a bit weird.

Telling us to reply to ‘’ is weird too, as I’ve never seen that address used before.

And to top it all off, I got the 1099 at my backup email address - not my normal email that fiverr has used for literally every other message I’ve ever received from them. Good lord…

Every US seller filled out a W9 so that you could get this 1099-K, they just didn’t bother telling us we’d be getting it in a weird email from a sketchy looking company address.

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its a clear SCAM. Do not respond

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Also, if fiverr has scheduled maintenance coming.
Maybe its because of some breach? Also, my laptop has been acting very odd on the fiverr website recently. Things being highlighted and pop ups etc. This email is well timed for weird stuff.
I hope a solution becomes clear soon.


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@evolvingshift, did you contact CS through the address provided in the email you received? Or did you use this address

I thought Fiverr was not going to send 1099s unless a seller made $20,000 or more. Did all of the people in this thread who got this message make more than that amount?

I made over 20k in 2020 and received the email.

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