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Received a message that asks vote for fiverr!

I’ve received a message where someone asks a vote for feverr as best freelance platform! And also provided a link. For the response rate factor I left a formal reply, but I am confused is it spam?? :confused::confused:
Looking for your suggestions.
Thanks in advancescreenshot

Mod Note: Image removed due to visible phishing url. Do not post unapproved urls.

Why would you be confused? Of course, it is spam!

Please don’t click on random links strangers share on the internet. It could be a phishing/hacking attempt. You could land in a lot of trouble.

Most browsers nowadays come with a lot of security. But, even then, I would not click on any random links I see on the internet.


Thanks for your suggestion

It’s a spam for sure and you can always use :fu: emoji
I think that’s why this emoji is here and then use this one as finish sentence :vulcan_salute:

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Besides what @hanshuber16 told you, I suggest you reporting the user To CS.


It will not affect your response rate but it will affect your response time. It did same to me. I always keep alert for messages, but it was my luck didn’t support that day or it was me. I was in the airport to see off my cousin and busy. I didn’t notice when I got this message.
After I arrived home and checked my phone I saw the message and instantly replied message. But it was late, now response time is 2 hours. But Fiverr recognized that message and told me that it would not affect my response rate.

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Thanks for your suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much, Already I’ve reported this user.

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