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Received a Message to design 40 Different Business Cards

Hello Fiverr Community,

I am a new seller and I have been on fiverr for almost two months now.

But I had not received a single order till now. But today morning I received a message from one buyer and he asked me will I be able to complete 40 different professional business cards for his clients in 24 hours. The order will be of 200 USD.

If you look at my gig:

You will see that I provide everything that a TOP RATED SELLER gives for only 5$ so maybe because of this he has contacted be, MAYBE I THINK

So I want few experience sellers advice that should I go for this order. Is it possible to get such a big order as your very 1st order.

Or is it a scam that I will complete the order and will get scammed.

Please give your advice on what I should do?

Please help me

It’s look like difficult job…40 cards with in 24 hrs…It,s toooo difficult…

can’t be scam if he place order and money in fiverr pocket, if he scam you can r?port to customer support.

Best of Luck mate. You get a big deal. Don’t miss it. Its your time to rise.
Go for it Go gO gO and Snatch the luck :slight_smile:

Wow, Congrats on completing 55 orders already! Can’t access the buyer’s account though, is just me who gets “page unavailable”? Don’t understand why they would delete their account after leaving the last review :-/

I’m new here but I think you should take the risk , it’s difficult to get a first client …

Reply to @heliosgraphics: Its difficult but not impossible. We are a team of 8 Graphic Designers and luckily its Saturday today so we are all are free so we can work continuously.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Reply to @dusuacangmon: He is ready to place the order once I accept that I can complete it in 24 hours. But I am only afraid of scam as its a big amount atleast for a new seller on fiverr.

Now I think I can accept the order.

Reply to @az_designer12: if 24 bussines card same design but diffirent name is easy, but 24 design seem pretty tough, and times for revision. Hmm should give it a try

Reply to @ahsanulhaq: Thank you friend for such kind words.

I have accepted the order and I have also contacted the fiverr support team to be on safer side.

So hope for the best.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Reply to @zeromark: Thank you :slight_smile: Yaa I have completed 55 orders promoted to Level 1 and waiting to complete 2 months to get promoted to level 2

Abd about my buyer He was able few minutes back. He has given me tip also for completing the orders. But now I am not able to message him

“For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.”

Dont know why already asked the Fiverr Support Team regarding this.

Will inform you once I get any update from them :slight_smile:

Reply to @tareq96: I have taken that extra risk and trust me I am very happy with it.

55 orders in just 1 day. Feeling awesome :slight_smile:

Reply to @az_designer12:
You also acheived level1 too :slight_smile:

Seems highly suspicious. Remember, no matter how much this buyer is “willing” to pay, he/she may simply be planning to blackmail you into a refund later.