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Received a poor CAD render - I don't want to go through the resolution process. I want to cancel

I’m not interested in what they consider an improvement. And I’m surprised people imagine its ok to ride roughshod over carefully considered design decisions. The tiles and many other elements are not to my taste, at all. Its gaudy.

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Was it on your specification list to change the laws of perspective? Or did you want a render showing a child-size dining table surrounded by giant footstools?

What you see as incompetence looks more to me like someone with a lot more design experience using their initiative to provide you with a quality product.



Thats what I asked in the first place. I no longer have confidence in them.

Haha, you’re****************And you have appalling taste.

Your reply to a users forum post was not appropriate.

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Thats what a revisions for…give it a chance, you know that they have worked and everyone deserves second chance…they actually have worked more then your requirements so its obvious that they can achieve one you want.


Ok, thanks for your reasonable answers.

One more thing :smiley: In sellers’ render, i would say ask them to rescale wall picture to their original size, It looks it was wrongly scaled !

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According to Fiverr’s ToS, you can’t cancel an order just because you don’t like the finished product.

The render you received has many of the same ideas as the specifications that you provided, but perhaps more embellished than you’d care for. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems a simple case of ‘You have the right idea but took too many creative liberties – I’d like it closer to my original design in these ways.’


Ok, thanks. Thats sounds reasonable. But they ignored at least 70% of the specification list.

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What they’ve done isn’t terrible but nor would I say it’s amazing. In my opinion it’s on the low side of average.

I would say it all depends on whether your expectations were realistic for the money paid. If you paid $5, then you’ve got $5 of value. If you paid $50 then there’s some wiggle room. If you paid $500 then you’ve been ripped off.

There are some very obvious issues. The wall art is distractingly poorly resized, and that giant table and tiny armchair are very odd, and personally I’m not comfortable with the large area of empty floorspace in the bottom left of the image.

Does it look like your original concept? Not really. But I don’t know what their brief was.

However, I do have a major issue with sellers who claim to have native level English and who obviously can’t string a coherent sentence together in reality.


To not at least attempt to make use of the revisions really isn’t the best way to handle this. They’re there for a reason, and just because the final product the first go around is not perfect doesn’t mean that it won’t be through the use of revisions. That’s what they’re for. Personally, I would make use of them, and then see the result that they give you, then move forward from there. Now if they clearly ignore your requests in a revision…that’s a whole different story, but don’t assume they can’t re-deliver if you haven’t explored that option.


That wasn’t my experience. Buyer can cancel any order for no reason. CS will always side with them. They are a joke.


Thanks. And thanks for the opposing perspective.

Thanks for your considered reply. Very helpful.

I would give them the benefit of doubt and let them try again. Maybe there was a gap in communication, do you both have the same native language? Make sure they understand exactly what you want out of your revisions.


He hasn’t shown you his taste, so how can it be appalling?

He’s explaining to you why the seller likely made the choices he did and why they were reasonable. You’re responding by insulting his supposed taste.

And you want us to think your desire for a refund is reasonable, yet you can’t discuss this rationally and instead resort to baseless, childish insults? Really?


they can’t be compared honestly …


As a photoshop editor and photographer, here are my two cents on the work done.

The first major issue is that they did not respect the perspective of the original sketch.

Second, there are some objects in the frame that are not integrated properly, see the pillows and the leg rest, they are missing the shadows and give an strage floating effect. The other elements that do not correspond to the sketch like the table objects floor pattern from my point of view are the “cutting corners” where they used what they had available to fill the frame.

On the good side they have some elements that are nicely done. I would not say that is all that bad, but rather an incomplete job.

Talking about the image and not the communication and price part of things.

Good luck

PS: Might wanna give the seller the source files with the furniture for a more accurate representation of the sketch :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind another ‘two-cents’…

I do think you should give them at least one more chance. (You’ll have the opportunity to give a rough opinion on the seller after the order is completed.) You could request that they take/show your requirements to someone with better English who might be able to explain some of the nuances of your list. (No, this isn’t ideal, but you’re in “salvage” mode at this point anyway.) Their customer services is poor at this point, but if they are willing to take measures above-and-beyond on your behalf to fix this error in judgement, that shows a hint of humbleness in admitting they were wrong.

If their attitude is you-don’t-know-what-you-want, and they get aggressive, then yeah, you might have grounds for cancellation.

Let us know how it progresses?


You’re trying to cancel based on the subjective standard of what you think is gaudy. The rendering the seller provided is not a perfect rendering which everyone has stated here but its not terrible either. The seller missed the mark. Revisions exist for a reason. Clearly posting you want to cancel because you feel like it and clearly breaching Fiverr TOS is not going to support your case cancellation.

Additionally resorting to child like insults when you came to a forum that is mostly filled with sellers whining aptly like your insults to garner sympathy for what is clearly a subjective standard show not only how off base you are but that its reasonable to suspect you provided poor guidance of scope and requirements from the get go. You pay for what you get and if you came here for a $5 dollar job the seller’s rendering is clearly worth $10.