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Received a request that was pre-marked as spam

Hello all. I’m new in these waters so still trying to find my way about.

I received a request for a voice over that was marked as “urgent” and needs to be done “in the next two hours”. When I opened it it was already pre-marked as spam.

Does anyone know what all this is about? It all seemed a bit weird. The request came from a buyer in China so not sure, with the time differences, how the “two hours came into play.”

Would be grateful for any insight.


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It sounds like this user’s request was sent out to multiple sellers and some of them have flagged it as spam.

If you think it’s legit, you can submit an unspam request and reply. If you don’t think it’s legit, report it yourself (if the button is there) so it doesn’t count against your response rate.

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Ah OK. Thanks. That makes sense.

You shouldnt write then
Fiverr automated system marked it as spam