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Received a unknown message from fiverr

Heads up! We extended the time buyers can review deliveries to 7 days during the holidays.

Anyone tell me why they sent me this message.?


Because they extended autocompleting orders to 7 days. Why else would you receive this message?

I dont know, here is the full massage.

Hi raselbiswas,

We would like to grant your buyers more time to review their deliveries during the holiday period so they can enjoy their time with family and friends to the fullest.

Therefore, we’ve exceptionally extended the period for buyers to review deliveries from 3 to 7 days before we automatically mark the order as complete.

This change applies only to orders delivered between Dec. 23rd to Dec. 31st.

Happy holidays!
The Fiverr Team

I think its there holiday

That was a rhetoric question. Here is your answer.

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Great for them, but we still have to deliver on time, no 7 days extra for us to enjoy the holidays. This is ridiculous.

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