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Received a warning today due to greedy buyer

Hi fellows,

I am a php web developer and Today I am here to discuss my recent warning and I get this from my last order.

I worked with my client and fixed all the issues we discussed. After fixing and testing the issues I created a custom offer for him and send him. He was happy and completed the order and he requested me to work in future again because he likes my services you can check our messages.

but after a few days, he finds another issue on his website that was not on the other modules and pages, not the one I had worked already. But I still spent many hours and fix his issue in free. I told him I charge a minimum of $20 for this kind of issue and he accepts my efforts but he refused to pay because he said I will pay you when we will work next time and I don’t have money now.

After some days he said I get the issues on the same page you worked but not on the same functionality like the page has many functionalities and he thinks that if the whole page will have any issue it will be my fault.

The conclusion is he wanted me to fix all his issues and with lifetime support because he pays me $20 at first order.

I haven’t promised him any revision and he tests everything when I fixed the issues.I have completed 58 orders and I have received 5 stars every time with returning buyers.

I also help him today as well but he is still unhappy so tell me what is my fault why I get a warning.

Fiverrr also cancel my order and drop my ranking.

Very disappointed from Fiverr.

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If you got a warning you will have been given a reason.

Read this: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned! as your account is now at risk.

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Fiver said you send incomplete delivery.