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Received account warning

Hi Doers,
4 days ago I received "We are contacting you on behalf of your buyer for order #
But last night I replied to the ticket that i’m gonna be sending file shortly and i did send the buyer revisions.

Now after 6 hours i received an account warning from fiverr and also they cancelled my order.
I really think this is wrong warning. Because i already sent the buyer file and i even have screenshot.

What should i do now??? :frowning:


What is full message sent by fiverr ?

To provide a pleasant buyer experience, we ask that you deliver the specific work requested and within the agreed upon time frame. Failing to do so hurts our community and the shopping experience. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will result in a demotion of your current level.


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are you late in delivering order ?

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No i did not deliver it late. it was automatically completed and the client still had changes required
so Fiverr sent me reminder. but i sent revisions and then the send me warning

have you asked CS whats the reason for warning?

I’m trying but its really painful when you are on the brink of evaluation :frowning:

who click love emote???!!!:rage:

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Have you sent a blank delivery message, with no files attached? Because it happened to me as well, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and in the end that was the issue. I had contacred CS myself because of a bad buyer and I was punished for him not providing me anything to start working.


no i never provided blank delivery.
I sent him files and even 1 revision
then it was automatically completed

@designner1, don’t let off the thing and contact CS.

Really fiverr??
they sent me this message
"Thank you for letting us know that you are communicating with your buyer. However, we are unable to remove the warning that was received, due to the violation of our Terms of Service. The warning was given for delivering an order that was not read to be delivered. This is a violation of our Terms of Service, and an abuse of the delivery button. Please refrain from further actions like this so we can assist you further.

as far as i am concerned they are saying i delivered an order which wasn’t actually completed :frowning:

That’s exactly the same that happened to me!

At this point one has to demonstrate that the order was complete when delivered, and not just a part of the order. I don’t know the details.


My brother i delivered the whole order.
The fun part is that i had to do more than what was said really. I was worried lest he give me a negative feedback, I should fulfill his requirements and do revisions even if it takes time. Now I received this warning from fiverr

The only possibility to let CS check the matter more deeply is explaining all what you have done with great detail. I didn’t understand, for example, this part:

I sent him files and even 1 revision

The buyer should receive the revision after the delivery.


1 delivered him work. He asked for revision. then i redelivered and it was second time
now after that order got completed automatically and he came back via inbox and he asked for more revisions.

then due to orders in queue i couldn’t reply him, then Customer support came in and the invaded at my account :frowning:
but i Carlyle stated that i have followed up

That right there is why.

You didn’t drop everything immediately to deal with the buyer. In CS’s eyes, you did not complete the job. I am in NO WAY ENDORSING that at all. In fact, it’s dumb to think sellers are beholden to buyers indefinitely. However, in my opinion, this is how CS is dealing with it.

Next time, with a case like this, be polite to the buyer and inform that as soon as you are able in the next day or so, you will be glad to assist them with necessary revisions but that you are on a deadline with an upcoming project and that both are equally important to you.

Upon which, he cannot tell CS that you are being unresponsive and they are less likely to cancel the order.


I disagree,
Here is why.

I delivered complete order first time.
He said for revisions and i redelivered it and then he again sent me revisioins request

It got automatically completed and then I assured him in private message that i am still here even though order is completed.

After just 3 days fiverr sent me reminder message. (it took 3 days because the revisions he requested were not included in the budget )

I sent fiverr message last night that i have taken care of things and sent buyer files. They said thanks for following up…
Still I deserve this account warning :confused:

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I’m sorry, this has happened. If your version of events is correct (and I am not implying that it is not) you do not deserve an account warning.

Fiverr sounds like they have simply fully automated this process and this is very dangerous. Any buyer could claim that work hasn’t been fully delivered, simply because they aren’t happy with a final piece of work.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be the case that Fiverr cares about who falls victim to its automated system failures. Nor does Fiverr even seem capable of addressing issues even if it did care.

Just out of curiosity, do you know how long a warning stays on your account? If it is just 30-days, you might want to consider biting the bullet and soldiering on. Yes, what has happened to you is not right. There just doesn’t seem to be any way to reconcile the matter for your benefit. (Sorry)