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Received account worning!


My Fiverr account received a warning because of offering and/or accepting payment outside of Fiverr. But the truth is I have never offered or accepted any payment outside of Fiverr.

Yes, I receive some messages every now and then to contact them outside Fiverr and I tell them politely that Fiverr doesn’t allow it.

What am I doing wrong to get such warning from Fiverr while I have never committed such thing?



Hello Mr. Sorry You are Experiencing This. Fill out a ticket and let the customer care know that you received a warning of something that you never did. That is communicating outside of Fiverr. They will remove the warning from your account. A warning can prevent/hinder you from going to the next level. Do the right thing by filling a ticket to them and explain that you never communicated/accepted outside pa.yment


Thanks a lot for your reply. I did that already. I was just wondering if such thing happened with someone else as well.