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Received an order without order requirements

Hi… i just received an order without order requirements and the buyer is not responding on the chat. What should i do?


For your current order, your options are to either wait and hope the buyer communicates the instructions for their order, ask the buyer to cancel the order due to the lack of basic order information, or contact CS and try to have them cancel the order for you.

For the future, revamp the order requirements for your gigs and make sure that attachments/free text/multiple choice responses are mandatory and go into length to make sure you ask every pertinent question to receive all the information necessary to complete an order even if a buyer never communicates with you outside of the order requirements.


I cringe when I see posts like this because there is a solution. That solution is to tighten up your gig requirements and make it so the buyer must check one box or another before the order can be completed. @enunciator is correct. I am a proofreader, here are two of my requirements. Note I have two more on this gig.


Hmm, I haven’t actually purchased anything from another seller. Reading part of your requirement multiple choice states “DO NOT complete order” if the person doesn’t agree. I thought that once a person hits the order requirements page, the order has already been submitted and cannot be cancelled without agreement between the buyer and seller or CS?

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I thought about that, and it maybe true, but I was not sure what else to put as an alternative in a multiple choice question. Anyway it will make them think. I would rather they cancel at the get-go then not fulfill the order requirements.

True enough, but I also don’t want to appear slightly off putting by stating in multiple choice order requirements that if one doesn’t click the right box, cancellation is the only remaining course of action.

Once order requirements are submitted, an order is officially “live.” Need to brush up if cancelling an order that is still left at “incomplete” has the same detrimental effects.

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It’s somewhere in the FAQs where it says that if an order is inactive for around 10 days, then canceling it has no impact. I was researching this, I forgot to bookmark that link. But it’s there.