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Received bad review, even though I did everything buyer wanted


I made a translation of a code from English to Azerbaijani. Buyer needed it in 48,hours and I did in 24 and gave a discount. I translated it but after the buyer said he wanted the actual codes to be replaced. I offered to redo it for free, but he just accepted the order and left a 2 star review.

1)what can I do? I talked with him but he doesn’t want to change the review. He knows he is wrong but he doesn’t want to admit it.

  1. can I contact fiverr support to get help? Everything is transparent. What can I do?

I did my best and I have my proof… Why people are doing like that. What should I do?


The buyer gave you an XML file and you messed the whole code up… you probably just took it copy and paste to google translate and that’s why the XML tags got deleted in the process.


Nope, I am also building websites myself and I know what is coding. He didn’t know Azerbaijani, so I wrote translations after each code line, so he knows what is what.

He didn’t tell me to replace actual writings in English. I sent it to him and there were two revisions. He could just tell me to put it there. But he just gave a bad review. So codes they were all fine


Then it’s his fault and inpatient, dispute the order and ask for “buyer review modification request” and contact him again explaining the error.


If he refuses can I ask customer support for help?


Customer Support is likely to side with the buyer.

Buyers are entitled to provide any feedback in relation to a seller’s services; it is a reflection, however incorrect or lopsided, of her/his/their experience with a seller.

Transparency notwithstanding, I highly doubt they will amend the feedback.


you cant do anything once review is left concentrate on further orders


If he had threatned or asked for extra work or something like that in that case CS might help! However like you said, “I did everything what buyer wanted” this is your statement. Buyer by leaving 2 star makes a point that you didn’t so how you gonna prove you did what he wanted.

Also its always not about the work done, communication also hold a value. Also by that may be he doesn’t recomend you to other so star are divided in 3 phase as you know.


If you have strong proof then fiverr support will defiantly help you. they will check complete process of order and then they will take decision accordingly. i suggest you first contact buyer and try to convenes. If you want to contact support read the conversation between you and your buyer make sure you did’t violate any kind of terms of fiverr.


Unfortunately, I think you can do nothing to remove the review


Now you can’t do any thing to change the review if your gig is on full rank and getting lot of orders every day then ignore that when you will get 5 star reviews from other buyers then it will be maintain


If nothing else works, you also have the chance to review the buyer… use it… remember to stay professional though. Reviews work both ways in “completed” orders. Recommend the buyer or warn other sellers to be careful of the buyer. And of course, ultimately, move on with new orders


Just move on :slight_smile: it’s better