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"Received" Custom Gig Offer NOT Received

A seller sent me a custom gig, and even though I received an email notification from Fiverr, it hasn’t shown up on my account…any idea what’s going on? Clicking on “view offer” in the email only jumps to our messages.

EDIT: Update

Asked the Seller to send the offer a second time. Once again, Fiverr told me I had an offer, and our conversation appears with a green “offer” tag in my inbox, but there is no actual offer. I’ve also tried three browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Safari, all with the same results.

EDIT #2:

Several hours later, the custom gig finally appeared in my inbox.

Dear @rickflix

Ask it From Seller (He Send custom gig or Not)

Seller did send a custom gig, and Fiverr even sent an email confirming that it was sent…

I think It’s Some Small Bug :thinking: