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Received Logo NOTHING LIKE SPEC! Do they do this to earn more with revisions?

So I’m irritated to say the least that my first experience with fiverr hasn’t been fantastic. I’ll post the spec and what I was given. Is this how the designers make more money because now it’s nothing like what I wanted and I’ve paid $75 so I’m guessing I need to purchase revisions? On top of the fact they were 2 days late with delivery! And I still didn’t cancel it.

Have a read through my spec and then see the attached logo. Seriously what the! I’ve done a year of website development and I could come up with better than that myself, which was not the point obviously.

Interested to hear other peoples stories. Also, any info on how to get a refund? Thanks x

My specs:

Hi There!

I am a personal trainer starting up a new fitness business. The name of the business is BAUER FIT and I would like b.strong under the logo somewhere. The nickname of the business is

I pretty much want the logo I have attached however this is probably copywrited so need something slightly different. Perhaps a backwards cap on one of the icons? I’m not sure I’ll leave that to your imagination but honestly if I could I’d just have that logo. The logo needs to look good enough to go on the front of t-shirts.

I’m not sure on colours, I think I’d like it simple black/white and then I can change the colours for marketing etc? But I do like the pink/blue men too. Bit unsure with colours so I’m open to your suggestions. Here is the url to the logo I want

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The logo needs to cater to both female and male so it needs to be strong but not too strong and I want fresh/uplifting.

Thank you in advance and I’m really looking forward to working with you.

Sorry to hear about your unhappy experience.

Did you reject the work and ask the buyer for modifications? Unless the description states “no modifications” or “modifications cost extra”, then you should expect the designer to work with you to find an acceptable final logo design.

I don’t know what the logo you wanted looks like, so I don’t know in what way this logo doesn’t work for you (except the color issue). But you don’t say if you have communicated with the seller, and obviously that is the first thing you need to do!