Received Low Rating Without Reason


Story time: I offer since some weeks a few services on fiverr and ALL of them are really good and not some garbage.

I really try to be extremely fast with my responses, polite, understanding and always overdeliver, but yet I received a 1 star rating, because a buyer thought my service was “low quality”.

Nearly a dozen people have buyed the service on other platforms outside fiverr and ALL of them were very happy, because the service is really good and yet I received this low rating.

What can I do about this? It was the first rating that this service received, therefore I deleted it, but it still is very frustrating…

I KNOW for sure that this service is amazing and not low quality. I offer some similar services that are lower in quality and even there the buyers are very happy, because I still offer a great end result.

The buyer even gave me a 1 star on communication… I delivered on the same day and he didn’t even ask me anything!

How can the communication be bad then?

I really don’t know what to do… I thought offering high quality services, overdelivering constantly, replying fast and polite, would be enough, but some people can’t be satisfied and therefore destroy the ratings and reputation of sellers…

Have you ever experienced something similar? What have you done?


Some Buyers are really very irritating, I am continuously getting 4.3 & 4.7 stars nowadays without any reason. Most of these low ratings come from New & Unprofessional Buyers.


It may be nothing to do with the buyers, but bugs related to the app:


Buyers sometimes do not understand that if you deliver what was ordered (as in the product matched the description) in a timely and pleasant manner, it warrants a positive review. It is frustrating. From reading other recent posts on the forum, I also think their is a huge discrepancy between value of the gig and expected cost. Some of my own clients want what I would consider $50+ worth of work for the price of a basic gig, and after making a compromise, they still expect more from me with excessive modifications and threats of cancellation.

My one 1.0 star review? I delivered 7 versions to the guy. By the 4th version he said he liked it, then sneak-attacked me with a revision request (not a cancellation, revision) making personal attacks and wanting his money back. I told him the cancellation/modification policies, whipped up another 3 renditions of exactly what he said he wanted, then left me a bad review. Hours of work, all for $16 and a bad review.

I have no doubt you delivered a high quality product which is why sometimes these are just without a clear explanation. You can try reporting the review to get it removed, but I hear it is uncommon that Fiverr will go through with it.


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