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Received my first warning

Yesterday, I received my first warning. But I am unable to understand for what reason was it for.
I have raised a ticket in CS, but no response from past 24+ hrs.
I am really worried, what went wrong and what I shouldn’t be doing.

Whenever I had to call buyer, I used zoom free account and recorded the conversation and uploaded it afterwards. Not sure, if there is any issue.

Also, I see, my sell has gone to zero. There is another strange thing I am noticing. Though the buyers started to talk about the requirements, they are not responding anymore. I didn’t even get a chance to talk about the price and all. Not sure, what restricts them to not to proceed with the talks.

If you guys can help me, what should I do with your experience and knowledge.

Thanks & Regards,


What services are you offering?
You are not allowed to have offsite conversations unless it’s a tutoring gigs.


Go read the TOS again then contact customer care with solid profe of evidence they will defiantly help you

Seriously? Seriously?

You are required to read and understand the ToS before you register. You didn’t do that. What’s worse is that you’re oblivious to why Fiverr would have a problem with you using a third party to talk to a Fiverr client. Do you not see that people would do that to take business away from Fiverr? Really?

And also, it’s NEVER necessary to do a video call for a Fiverr client unless your gig it is for actually doing the work, like for teaching or consulting. And in those cases you need to get permission from Fiverr to do that. Your client just doesn’t want to write things down.


No they won’t. Read it again. Video calling is not a deliverable for his work. He’s using it for meetings. That’s not allowed and there’s no proof to be had - proof of what? He DID break the rules. How is Fiverr supposed to know if he used Zoom for nefarious things?

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But, I have recorded every single calls in zoom and uploaded for evidence.

Imagine someone telling you, you’re not allowed to walk through the BLUE DOOR unless you ask them first and get permission to do so.

Then you decide to walk through the BLUE DOOR without asking and get in trouble for it.

You then tell the person that you recorded everything while walking through the BLUE DOOR for proof.

Does that seem okay to you?

They have rules in place for a reason. It is in your best interest to understand and follow these rules in order to be successful on Fiverr.


yeah you’re saying right

I don’t think you understand. The zoom calls should never have happened in the first place. That is what you have done to deserve the warning - you provided the proof of TOS breach by uploading the recording of the zoom call that should never have taken place.

All communication must take place in the chat or on the order page - unless you have specific permission from CS to communicate by video call.

You broke the TOS. Stop doing that.


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

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