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Received Order


I have not received any order from last 7 days. But I am with fiverr. And i am sure i will received orders and came in top rated sellers. I think fiverr is a great source for doing any business online. And am sure i will succeed in my business because slow a steady win the race.


Don’t worry, that is normal. You can experience a lack of orders at certain times.

I got 0 orders within the period Dec 10 - Jan 09. :frowning:

I got 16 orders within the period Jan 10 - Feb 05 and earned $248. :wink:



waooo Good


If you are going without orders, try changing your tag words slightly. Also, change your gig description to include your tag words. Lastly, go to the category that your gig is in and look at the top 10 rated gigs and see what they are doing: title, description, pricing etc. This should stir up some business for you.


ok I try this . Thankss


I would also utilize the “Buyer Requests” option. If anything, it will raise your gig clicks/views. You might also get some orders from them. Keep in mind to always reply back to potential buyers as soon as possible.