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Received the exact delivery from 2 different sellers

Something fishy is going on. I purchased a gig (seller name redacted) for some business names, I received the 7 names with 2 extra. 2 weeks later I wanted to get some more suggestions so i hired another user (name redacted), received the exact same delivery, 7 of the exact names, and 2 of the exact extra names. Same word document and everything, IDENTICAL deliveries. Also this user’s profile says her name is (redacted) but her profile image is of a random person who works for NPR.

Suffice to say i threatened a 1 star rating if i didnt receive a refund.

What is going on here??? I’m actually afraid to use fiverr again because of this, i feel like there are many sellers with the same copy and pasted content.


You need to remove the names of the sellers as naming and shaming buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.


Done thank you for the advice, i’m new here.


What if they both used the same online business name generator? Or same software name generator?


What is likely happening is that they are using a business name generator. I’ve done it myself plenty of times for novel writing, though I usually change it up some to make it fit what I’m doing. Sometimes those generators aren’t very “random” at all. So, really, they’re charging you for something you can do for free in ten seconds max.

Either that, or they’re they same seller with two accounts and they’ve violated TOS. Who knows?


I think it’s the same seller, i would bet money because the document they both sent is identical the same wording, explanations and everything. I also sent differently worded details for the gig.


Yeahhh, you’re probably right. Definitely report them with the details of their name and the orders. Not only as they violating TOS, they’re providing less than acceptable services.


You may have had an extremely rare experience where you remarkably hired the same person, with two different accounts (especially if it was in the same service category). While this is completely against the rules for any user (i.e., having more than one account), it is far more likely from new users who usually ignor the rules, and have no seller reputation. Not all of us brand developers are like this.

I find it highly unlikely as well, that two different sellers (if they were two different sellers) would provide the same exact work. That just doesn’t happen – on the level you described.

Please don’t let the bad experiences drive you away. There are many great sellers here on Fiverr. With better pre-order research, and maybe even a more experienced seller (with better social proof), you are likely to avoid this happening again. Be wise not to hire the cheapest sellers as well. Sellers that undersell themselves – at rock-bottom levels – often blend in more with the troublesome buyers you don’t want to hire.


If you want to conformist the same seller, check the authorship on the word doc. If the authorship is the same then you know its the same content being sold or same seller 2 accounts.


thank you for your advice!

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