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Received two horrible Press releases


I’m so bummed… Fiverr has been recommended to me be close friends and I want to take advantage of it’s service but I signed up with two independent press release providers and they where both terrible! I mean terrible. It is as if an alien was writing. Strange sentence composition and awefull grammar. I sent back corrections but each time I did their re-write was worse. I feel I can’t move on and use fiverr for all my different projects until I see a quality press release written!


Help! I also submitted a cancellation with Fiverr for one of them and I’m wondering how the refund ( it’s already gone through on my paypal ) is going to be handled. Please Fiverr lovers help me want to use this service and tell me there is a way to get a good grammatically correct Press release done!




Read reviews, if they are doing this I would believe they would not have good reviews. There are lots of really talented people on here, but there are few that may not be as good. Don’t give up. Just do a bit more search. Ask a seller to show samples.



This is not the right place to write down your complaints. If you have something to say, please talk directly with the seller.