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Received two terms of service violations

Hi Community,

Recently in the last 40 days I have received two terms of service violations.

It was my fault that I had not read Fiverrs terms of service.

As I said I was not aware of the fact that I was violating Fiverrs rules.

The first violation occurred when a buyer asked for a refund after 10 days directly to fiverr citing that I was not responsive to the clients messages even though the order was completed days ago.

The second violation happened recently when I unknowingly tried to refund a client with the gig amount as the client said she is not happy with the finished product. So I accidentally asked for the clients paypal so I could pay back. Not knowing that this is in violation of PayPal terms of service.

My fiverr profile has been demoted from level2 seller to level 1 seller.

Please advise me on how I can build my profile to level2 again and also please share your opinion if my profile is under threat of being banned from fiverr right now adding if I keep my best behaviour forward from here.

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Hello, please don’t take it personal! Can you please tell me, without knowing Rules or TOS, how can you get Level2 Seller? You have to care about if you like to providing services here. So don’t go against TOS again? Just keep clam and do your job and learn about the TOS for better known. There are nothing treatments and medicines for the issue.


I understand you point. I never really tried to do anything out of the box, and only focused on providing best possible service to my clients.

I already admitted that not reading terms of service was a mistake which has led to this.

Same way as how you achieved level 2 before. Meet all criteria in the analytics dashboard and you will be promoted.
Just read the TOS again to make sure you don’t violate the rules.

Yes, if you receive a third warning. The warnings stay there forever.
The “days without warning” period is only legit for your level promotion.

Check out How the warning system works:

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Thanks for your suggestion. Now after two violations it feels like living on the edge in terms of fiverr.

From what I have collected from this discussion is that as long as I keep my best behaviour forward, it is possible to get my credibility and level ratings back

I feel you, just 1 warning. You are bye bye. Dont let your hard work go to waste. Lvl2 is not something easy to achieve here.
Hope you already read the TOS again and if you have any things that not sure, you can ask on the forum or contact Fiverr CS

What was the violation there? Was it because you weren’t doing revisions on a completed order (and the buyer had free revisions left) or because you weren’t answering the buyer’s messages after completion? I didn’t think there was anything in the TOS that says you have to respond to every message.