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Received violations Notification

I don’t know why i received this violation notification i didn’t talk about anything which break any rule of Fiverr. Anyway to know on which term i get this violation notification


Notification from main site or forum? @sarikaverma007

main site and i am going to be level 2 next month now i have to wait more due to this :frowning: even i didn’t make any mistake i check my mail i received this violation at 1 am when i am offline :frowning:

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@sarikaverma007 There should be at least a snippet of your offense in the email notification… I mean they suppose Indicate what your offense is in the email notification

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@sarikaverma007 There is something you must have done recently that is against Fiverr TOS, Fiverr can’t just issue warning without cause…


I also want to know the reason why i received this @bodmas

You can mail support and let them Know what your offense is so that you can try to avoid it again in future.


first, go read the TOS from the main site, and see if anything you have done that breaks the rule than take a deep breath and dont do that again in the future, If you cant find any offence you did then simply, ask CS why you have recieved a warning, they will surely tell you.

It might take some time to get a reply from CS.

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Did you even read the entire thread?

definitely contact support

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@jake_hopkins yes, why did you ask?

OP doesn’t know his offense. So how could he tell support that he will avoid it in the future?

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Don’t misquote me… She said she do not know her offense, I told her to message support so that they can tell her what she did wrong in order to avoid that same mistake in future

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In actual fact you said “let them know what your offence is”, clearly implying that they know what it is.

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I don’t understand why this is an argument… So Fiverr issued her warning, are you saying Fiverr do not know exact thing she did wrong, and they can’t tell her? In the email notification, no exact thing she did wrong (whether review manipulation or solicitation, messaging other sellers for work etc)

I’m not disagreeeing that CS should be contacted. I was just asking if you had read the entire thread, as your comment made no sense. You told OP to tell CS their violation; but they’ve already expressed that they don’t know it!


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any news about what happened ?

No response from CS even i didn’t found any type of reason because i am offline at that time