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Receiving fake emails again

when is this going to stop!

2 this week asking me to click on a link and rate my gigs higher… last time I lost $350 for a completed gig - and Fiverr cs never helped me get it back!

never click the links people its not worth it

I haven’t received such emails but thank you for informing everyone else. Really, thank you!

sliverfox said: .... last time I lost $350 for a completed gig
How did you lose $350 by clicking a link in an email?

Reply to @kjblynx: I dig the phishing, but I was wondering more about ‘the process’…how Fiverr CS is responsible.

Reply to @itsyourthing: I clicked the link: signed in to what I beleived was a fiverr promotion and within hours the theifs had taken over my account; changed the name to theirs: deleted all my gigs: and withdrawn $350 to their payoneer account. I had no idea that this was going on until I tried to login to my account after the weekend as usual. I was locked out. Finally fiverr sent me an email 3 days later saying suspicious goings on with my account and to verify. The burglars had been in twice and taken funds as they were clearing to my account.

I really learned the hard way. CS brushed under the carpet. Would not file a dispute with payoneer.

So now I do not leave money in the account - well I try not to leave much there. And try to remember No clicking links :slight_smile:

Reply to @bachas85: I did not give it to anyone: they got it from me. Same thing I guess. Fiveer said they would help but they never did.

Reply to @kjblynx: Yeppers that was it! What was I thinking!! Rate your own gig higher haha- guess I was a fool that day.

Reply to @gunakararora: I’m sure someone else has already mentioned this to you, but just in case no one else has gotten around to it yet; it’s considered really not cool to just go around to a bunch of threads and post a link to your profile, especially if that’s the only thing in your comment and the self-promotion has zero to do with the topic of the post.

sliverfox said: Finally fiverr sent me an email 3 days later saying suspicious goings on with my account and to verify.

I don't use Payoneer, but isn't there some sort of confirmation to withdraw from your account? Some sort of notification linked to your personal email?

I can understand how the thief got into your Fiverr account, but it would seem there should be something in place to prevent them getting into your Payoneer account.

Regardless, it's a shame it cost you so much for that lesson. Best of luck in the future!