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Receiving less earning than the order placed

Hi,Humnaharshad here.I am new on fiver.I received my first order one month after creating my account on fiver.My first customer placed an order of $15 for writing three articles which i did and received a 5 star rating.Although the order was of $15 yet I earned $12, $3 less than the order placed.A few days later,another order was placed of $15 but again I received $12.I have lost $6 from these 2 orders and it keeps on happening.Please can someone explain me why is this happening.I am very confused.

Have you ever read ToS?

  • Each Gig you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with a net revenue of 80% of the purchase amount.

Thank you so much @blavaro. I was so confused as I am new on fiverr and didn’t knew these terms of service.This really helped me a lot.


Welcome, but you really should understand the terms of the marketplace.

Fiverr take 20 percent commission on all revenue you make. You keep 80 percent, Fiverr keep 20 percent.

EDIT: I’ll try and be more helpful! When you withdraw your revenue, take some time before doing so to understand the most cost effective way for your country. Depending on where you live - withdrawal fees, currency exchange rates, different withdrawal methods can make a massive difference to the amount of money that ends up in your account.

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Yes,I shall do in the future. Thank you so much for your guidance.I just created this account but was lucky enough to receive orders and faced this situation so decided to ask on the forum.