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Receiving no orders, please help me

i am not receiving even a single order, working hard, staying online but in vain , kindly help me someone here is the link

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I’m sorry, but my first thought on seeing the image after clicking the link was ‘owe my eyes’.
Also, Fiverr crops images for thumbnails. This is what people see when they browse:


what should i do in that case, but i am nit receiving orders on my other gigs too?


I moved your post to “Impove My Gig” where it belongs.

You can always use the :mag: search feature to see what advice has been given in the past. Believe me, there are a lot of threads about not getting orders. All you have to do is L :eyes:K. :wink:


Remake and replace the images.
You only asked for thoughts on the one gig, but at a glance:
You only have one example of photo editing, grammar and punctuation need touching up, and don’t put a whole gig description in bold or highlighted font.


yeah, I agree with imagination7413 . You should make a clear fiver gig image. Do not overload the image with too much writing. write one main heading then subheading in bold words.
Use canva for making Fiverr gig images. It will be very useful for you.
Good luck.