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Receiving order

New Here and I made my first order. I purchased the premium package they offered and it included multiple items. Once we settled on the final logo I approved it. It immediately said it was completed and the final logo was marked as “Here’s your delivery”. However, the only thing was the different concepts, including the final choice, no longer has a watermark and it was a PNG file.

Is there somewhere else I’m supposed to go to download the other items? I’m normally more tech savvy than this but I can’t find the files. I tried from both the app and the computer. I have reached out to the seller. That said we are on different time zones and figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask while I wait.

In case this helps with where it may be, it included:

Source File
Logo Transparency
Printable Resolution File
3D Mockup
Social Media Kit
Vector File

Lastly, the Logo Transparency would mean the background would be transparent correct? Lol. I’m assuming so but just checking.

Thanks for any help.



hello there.

It is professional practice, mandatory to some extent, for a graphic (logo) designer to specify :

(a) budget agreement
What exactly you are paying for, And what exactly you are receiving.
***"$100 for logo which includes:
Source File
Logo Transparency
Printable Resolution File
3D Mockup
Social Media Kit
Vector File

saved on editable pdf file, sent via email***

(b) design brief

  • What will be designed
  • Why it will be designed
  • When it will be designed
  • Where it was designed
  • How it will be designed

© 1st Revision

  • What will be reviewed
  • Why it will be reviewed
  • When it will be reviewed
  • Where it will be reviewed
  • How it will be reviewed

(d) Presentation

  • What will be presented
  • Why it will be presented
  • When it will be presented
  • Where it was presented
  • How it will be presented

How, Where, When,will you get your material as well as
How to use it is communicated to client. Once client agrees than indeed all material is available as promised, only then can the project be concluded with final payment.

How, Where, When, How will payment be made?

exchange as agreed.

If all those things you listed are supposed to be there within the job agreement then I would be looking for a Zip file.

See what the seller says when they respond.


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