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Receiving payment under 18

Hello everyone!
I am new on Fiverr and I hope this is the right category for my concern.
I am currently 17 and just joined Fiverr ( there are just a couple of months left until I turn 18)

If there are any underage people like me, how do you withdraw funds? All the methods available seem to age-limited

Thank you!


You might have to contact customer support with this question.

Maybe you can open a bank account locally and withdraw directly? Banking systems are different between countries, however, so maybe call some local banks and ask directly? US banks allow for minors to have an account with parental consent, that can later be transferred over to the minor once they’re of-age.


Thank you for youe answer.:hugs:
The good thing is that I do have an account at a local bank. The problem is the platform uses Paypal or Payoneer in order to let you withdraw money.
Unfortunately to sign up for both you need to be 18 :"(

Age limitation is just a challenge not actual rule.

Now besides unfunny jokes, you can connect your local bank account in earnings section as I remember.

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I used to withdraw my funds through my brother’s Payoneer account which was linked to his bank account. If you could find someone who’s 18 or above and could help you out, i guess this would do. or you could just wait till you’re 18, since it’s only a couple of months away, and perhaps set it on your own. Good luck!

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Thank you for your help! I guess I’ll look for someone who’s already 18 :blush:

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Using someone else’s account can be risky. If you go this route, it needs to be with someone you trust more than a little bit. Plus, changing withdrawal methods is tricky, once you are 18 yourself. You should probably look into the steps you’ll need to take then, so you can make an informed decision now.


TOS on Withdrawal

Withdrawal Methods

Withdraw to your PayPal Account $0* For a list of PayPal services by country click here
Fiverr Revenue Card™ $1* within 2 days, or $3 within 2 hours.
For more information, see Pricing and Fees. Worldwide
Local Bank Transfer (LBT) $3 per transfer*.
For more information, see Pricing and Fees. Worldwide
  • Additional fees may apply based on your location and currency.
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Not really. When i hit 18, i simply contacted Fiverr’s CS to remove my brother’s Payoneer account from being linked with my F account, and then I was able to use my own. It was an easy process. The only hassle is that if she’ll go this route, she will have to setup a new Payoneer or PayPal account when she’s 18.

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Thank you for this correction. I was thinking of a different processes.

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