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Receiving Payments Takes TOO LONG. Is it worth it?


Not only is this discouraging, but it makes no sense. Some of us are doing work at rates that we would never consider because we really need the work and we enjoy what we do. I love what I’m doing but the time to pay conversion isn’t adding up and I’m wondering if it’s worth it.

Why does Fiverr make us wait for two weeks to receive our payments?


If fiverr pays weekly then it will be better.


Yes i also agree with that it takes too long. But i guess they do it for our security! :-?


You should also take into account that there is the possibility of a PayPal claim by the buyer (in which case the funds are withheld until the issue is resolved) AND, most importantly: Interest.

14 Days that can be used to work with large sums of money can net some great interest, depending on the bank.


yes i agree, retrieving my funds bit by bit is annoying sometimes it isn’t worth it to withdraw just $4 or $8… the hold is way too long please fiverr please shorten the wait time to release funds…


I’ve wondered the same thing. My only theory or explanation is that they may be delaying in case the buyer seeks any recourse in the days following a completed gig. To me, that should be resolved before the buyer “accepts” the order, but that’s the only thing I can think of that would explain the lengthy delay.

I’m a seller too and believe the payment time could be shortened, probably by half.


Once you have regular orders clearing in your queue, money will flow into your account daily if you have orders on a daily basis, after your initial two weeks you’ll hardly notice there was a clearing period.