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Recent Boom in Business


The title says it all for this one. To my surprise one day I happened to go through my email and noticed an email from Fiverr. Usually the emails I get are news letters and such but this one said I had an order. Now I want you to know I have had this account for almost over a year now and I have had the gig up forever. So that is why I was so surprised to see an order. Then next thing you know there were two more orders in the same day. Then 3 days pass by and 5 more orders, and so on. It’s been a week since the first order and I’ve gotten a total of 11 orders. That’s more business then I’ve ever had on here and I’m not sure what caused it. But I appreciate all of the buyers! I have also had a boom in impressions, views, and clicks as well. So something definitely happened or something. I don’t know! But Thank You Fiverr and the community that keeps it all together!


Great luck mate , and is great that you didn’t gave up and it paid the results :slight_smile:


Great to hear. Once you have a few buyers, word will soon spread. Just keep doing a good job and providing great service!


The more buyers and good ratings you have, the more you’ll be noticed and the more gigs you’ll sell. It’s great how that works! Good luck and keep going!


Thanks guys! I hope to be a level 1 soon. I’m at 80%! :smiley: