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"Recent Delivery" date wrong

I deliver orders everyday but in my profile view it says 6 days ago.

Something is wrong.

I had a similar problem. Mine was saying it was 11 months since my last delivery, despite the fact I had just delivered an order the previous day. It took them a little bit but they fixed it for me.

There have been other posts about the date. It seems to be a glitch with the new profiles. You can contact CS, but they already appear to be working on it. Some have been corrected.

I think it’s an “average” of your recent delivery times. Like for me, the new profile showed up right after I took some time away from Fiverr for Christmas/New Years. I had made exactly one delivery during those three weeks, so it said that my last delivery was "about a month ago."

As I started picking up my schedule again and delivery a lot each day, it’s started saying “11 days ago,” even though, for example, I’ve been delivering on a daily basis since the 4th of January. So if you don’t deliver very much for a while, it gives you some crazy recent delivery date, and you have to deliver a lot to change it–unless CS is willing to correct it for you.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I don’t think it’s the same in my case. I deliver 2 or 3 orders a day for the past 2 month.

I contacted customer support and waiting for a respond.

Mine just started doing the same thing, got my first 3 orders in 3 days and I delivered each one in less than 24 hours but yet my Recent Delivery on my profile says 4 days!!! Contacted support, hopefully they can find a solution.

Hi @bijanstudio .

Try Clean Cache & Refresh Your Browser

lol, no I contacted support and they told me its the time between your last delivered gig and now. I always thought it was the time it took to deliver the gig.

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