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Recent Influx of Strange Middlemen / "Drop Services" / "Fiverr Reselling"

I’ve gotten 3 in the last week - I don’t think they’re the same person, but it’s the same thing every time. They start out with a compliment, or ask me about my work/availability like a normal client, then they ask me if I’ve ever worked with an agency. So far, so good - yes, I have agency experience, how can I help?

I think the cluster of them have given no less than 4 different business-speak terms for the same damn thing - essentially, presenting themselves to potential clients as a writer, even though they have no experience or skill, then hiring services from a freelancer like me, undoubtedly skimming off a healthy chunk for themselves in the process.

Now, I have no issue with middlemen, particularly when they absorb the BS that I’d otherwise have to deal with from difficult clients, but these guys all specifically requested that I give them my permission to take either copies my portfolio pieces or the text of my recent Fiverr reviews and post it on their own website for “social cred” for their new assumed identities as creatives.

…uhhh…what? No. They got really frosty after I gave them a hard no. I’d told each one earlier in the conversation that all I cared about was getting the work parameters, doing the job, and getting paid my asking rate - if they marked it up as a pass-through, that’s between them and their client, not me. But my reviews? Nuh-uh. I earned them. Ditto with my portfolio - that’s mine. Worse, they wanted my green light to do all this without paying me a dime - I was born on a Thursday folks, not last Thursday!


These days sadly most people think that cheating is the way to go. The sad thing is that they seem to think that this is real business but it is not. Cheating or short-cutting only ever leads to poor outcomes. For everyone.

I essentially get no work now because just about everyone I talk to thinks they can do nothing, pay nothing and get guaranteed #1 Hit records. The sad thing is that this seems ok because there are so many garbage providers who say they will do it. All for the low low price of $5-15 deliverable tomorrow. When to do it properly is ~10 hours over 2-3 days. Not to mention totally dependent on good quality raw material - i.e. sing in tune & time, play in time, make it sound like you care about the song…

I gave up on writing entirely as all I ever got was people expecting 2,000 work articles in specialist subjects - that turned out to be click bait and not even honest about the craft I love and spent 30+ years learning. All that for about $1 per hour pay that was often withheld on false technicalities.

So yeah, I know how you feel.



Oh, dear! At least they are asking you @thatwordchick, but what if they use your reviews without your permission? Is there any way to know?

Sure is. :wink:

While I don’t relish the work of sifting through my recent reviews for good/specific ones and protecting them this way, it’s all part and parcel of protecting my property as a freelancer in a world of folks all too happy to label someone else’s hard work their own.


In my experience it’s actually very unusual for resellers to declare themselves as such. You’re doing well to get the heads up from them!

However, we differ big time in regard to this:

In my experience resellers have little comprehension of a project’s requirements or worth. Therefore, they’re not able to explain the job to you correctly. So when you complete the job and they in turn deliver it to their client - the end buyer complains. When they complain, the reseller comes back to you - but of course they can’t communicate what’s gone wrong. The whole thing becomes an endless mess with the reseller making demands and often canceling the order. That’s my experience of resellers.

I can’t stand working with resellers. To my they are locusts that plague the talented and strip all pleasure from working on Fiverr.

Well, fair points - I mainly meant agencies, rather than individuals - the get-rich-quick guys are exactly as you describe, largely clueless and often obstinately so. Agencies, on the other hand, have that uselessness tempered by the pressures of overhead like office space and in-house staff, so they tend to be a bit less of a bear to deal with.

My only real goal is to write and get paid my desired amount. I don’t really mind who’s handing me that cash, so long as everything’s ethical and they’re not seeking out revisions because they failed to adequately describe what they needed.

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I wish resellers were honest about what they do. I have yet to be approached by any agency or middleman who’s open about there being a third party involved. That way proper terms can be established.

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