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Recent influx of useless, benign conversations

For some reason in the last month or so I’ve had so many people contact me with pointless inquiries, more than I’ve ever had before. The conversations usually go a little something like this:

Buyer: “Hi”
Me: “Hello, how can I help you?”
Buyer: “Yes”
Me: “Sorry, can you tell me what gig you are interested in?”
Buyer: “Yes”

I’ve had two of these today alone, and a ton more over the last few weeks. Are these guys just trolls or bots? Or maybe I’m just not patient enough to break through some kind of language barrier?

Does anyone else get these messages?


I think we all get these messages. They usually come in waves. Some stronger than others. The messages typically come from fellow “sellers” who cannot figure out how to create gigs and instead begs you to give them your work or tell them how they can get sales.

Sometimes they are even under the impression that your gig is a job posting.


I’ve definitely experienced most of that. In fact yesterday someone messaged me that they’d like to “apply for a job.” Maybe I should have asked for his CV?


There’s another thread like this. A lot of potential buyers seem to think it’s okay to waste their time and other people’s time. I know I can find a lot of other things to do in the 15 to 60 minutes a day that someone is wasting messaging all these people just to get a little $5 order done.

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Something like this also happened with me. A person messaged me who was a new seller and in the same field as mine. First, he asked about the software I use and I denied saying I don’t share that kind of details. Then he kept sending me links of youtube videos and asked how much will you charge for this? this.? and this one…??? and this one???
When I told him that please tell me what do you exactly want so his answer was that I am really rude beacuse I am new.
Like seriuosly???
Then he sent me a last link and after knowing the price of that one, he said I will contact you when work is available and then never messaged me. Maybe he wanted to set up a new gig and wanted to know the prices of specific videos or something else.


But there are also really cheap clients who like to see what they can get for the price they want. So it’s hard to say.

In any case, after the first message I ask what gig they are interested in. If they are still being obtuse by the second message I say, no thank you and block.

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