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Recent negative feedback


Recently I’ve got a bad review from a client. I clearly stated 100% service satisfaction and money back guarantee on my gig description. When I got this review I immediately contacted client and sent a message to remove the review and also said that I like to offer him a refund if he/she unsatisfied with my design.
I think it’s fair because nobody want to keep nothing they want. It doesn’t matter how hard we work. As designers we really should deliver something which can usable for our clients. According to my thoughts we don’t deserve to get money if we deliver something unusable for our client.
I have completed many projects with my clients some of them were happy. Few people were unhappy and I gave them a refund. So far so good.
As I stated earlier above, this one didn’t go that way. I got no response from the client even I sent him 3 messages. I wonder why they don’t want their money back. If we receive something invaluable or unusable we really should get our money back.
When I contacted few friends who working here, they also have been got the same experience which I have already. Now I feel there are few people who want to spoil feedback on new users here. Do you guys have been got something like this? Please share with me if you have same experience like me.



It’s up to buyers if they wish to ask for a refund or not. If they prefer to leave a negative feedback then that’s their right. In fact, according to TOS they are not even eligible for a refund if the requirements were met. Without a valid reason they shouldn’t ask for a refund.

Besides, you may lose your level if your rating goes below 4.8 or if you cancel more than 10% of your orders. Either way it will impact your level. With a negative review you at least keep the money.


That’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. It’s strictly forbidden to exchange refunds for feedback removal.

Your buyer can’t remove the review. They would have to ask Customer Support to do it, and CS might not accept (plus they might punish you for a ToS violation).