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Recently after page 21 i cant find any other gig and my gig too also in buyer request, buyers cant see my proposals

hi everyone
recently i have not been able to have an order for like 14 days which made me look thru my gig to see were the problem from, I send buyer request countless time and still dont have a job, am a level 2 seller if you may ask and I know how to get client attention to get them to order my gig before this issues arise

i opened a new browser to search for my gig and surprisingly my gig is no were to be found, I heard to do a quick search by just only highlighted the level 2 tags but still can’t find my gig , I scroll thru the numbers pages to page 22 and fiver says (no result found for this search on page 22)

i heard to do some experiment and asked one of my friends oversea to do a buyer request on the category I am which he did, I saw it and sent my proposal, but surprisingly he did not see my proposal

now i went to make this complain and follow the category of my complaint and that is

My gig dosent apper in serch

after this, a prompt came up stating I should choose which category of the gig I am in which I selected, (the robot says my gig can be seen on the search engine but I can still contact Fiverr for more )
i heard to go further and lay down my complain after I did, I click on proceed, but Fiverr did not allow me to do so even after refreshing the page, multiple times, so I end up going thru another category of complain so my issue can reach to them

please I want to ask everyone on this platform if this is an issue on now or just my gig thanks

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My gigs are on 25 page, when I search for my gigs and came to the page 22 same happened to me, that says no search result. You can contact customer support direct

thanks hinajehan i have contacted them but wanted to know if this is a general issue

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Yes, general issue, no result for 22, 23, 24 pages.

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That a general issue, am sure they are working on it.

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