Recently got the strangest buyer


So one of the gigs within my collection which I offer, is a gig where I provide sponsored Facebook posts to people who wish to advertise their brand, services or products to my specific Facebook page audience. Who’re rooted in horror film, entertainment and the horror genre in general.

So I have never had an issue with a buyer before after being a Fiverr seller for going on 9 years. Anyways, this one buyer wanted to buy a sponsored post from me. I obliged and delivered as usual. Way earlier than the listed 2 day period, which I normally do deliver all of my orders way before the 48 hour deadline. The buyer claimed he found the ad copy I laid down for his sponsored post to be ‘clever.’ Said he liked the post, but then requested I create a horror-themed photo from scratch to go with the advertisement. Instead of using his original company logo. Now I couldn’t do this for two reasons:

  1. I don’t offer any organic photo or logo creating services.

  2. The buyers company is a digital/brick and mortar marketing firm. Why would I deliver a sponsored advertisement for such a company, and then misrepresent it to my followers with a horror-themed photo attached? That would be like me posting a sponsored ad for Acura, and then instead of including a photo of one of their cars with the advert, including a photo of a vampire sinking its fangs into someones neck instead. How would that make any sense?

The buyer apparently took a look at the gig images, and got the idea into his head based on the first of the 3 images I have posted (skull dolls) - that a horror-themed photo would be accompanying his sponsored post. However if he had taken time to read the text that sits above that image, and also had scrolled through the two images that follow it (Frenchly and Kervenspro) - he would’ve noticed that those are sample images. Which illustrate sponsored Facebook posts that I have delivered for past clients. It’s a work sample portfolio. Nothing more. That’s why each image shows a photo, and text above it. Screenshots of Facebook ads previously delivered by yours truly.

I explained that to the buyer after delivering his order (on 1/5), and then he vanishes for about 24 hours or so before returning today (on 1/9) to leave bad verbal feedback. Yet he still rated me 3 stars out of 5. Go figure. Anyways, now my rating has taken a hit apparently according to my analytics data. Even though Fiverr still has me rated at 5.0 on my user page. But I call this buyer strange because - it’s like he didn’t even properly look over the image portfolio, or read my gig description… at all.