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Recently i have create a new gig

Two days ago I have created a new gig but still now, I did not get any order even I did get any buyer request. Please give some suggestion. Also, I am doing gig marketing on the social media platform. Thank you.

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2 days huh?
Well, are you doing any marketing?
Search the forum for tips and tricks.

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This is normal so just don’t worry too much. Although sometimes a seller get the first order within the first day, we usually have to wait a few days or even few weeks. It depends on a lot of factors.
Just a remind in case you forgot, did you use 5 tags for your gig description?

I promise you, this is VERY RARE!

Waiting is not the key, working on promoting your gig is.


It usually takes about two days for a newly created gig to even appear in Fiverr’s search. Unless you already have a customer waiting to place an order with you before/while creating your gig, I don’t see how it is even possible to get an order in the first 2 days. :thinking:

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Thank You for your tips.I will do the same.

i am waiting for.Thank you.:slightly_smiling_face:

yes i used. Thank You.

Ok.I am trying to follow. Thank YOU.