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Recently I lost my gig ranking and dropped my sale,How I can get my gig rank back

Hey there,
Recently I lost my gig ranking and dropped my sales. Why that happens I don’t know. I have completed 168+ orders with positive feedback. Now I don’t get enough orders, although I am always active online. Please help to get my gig ranking back.


From the looks of it, a couple of your recent reviews have been a bit lower (might be the reason why your gig is down in ranking). I would recommend considering what they have to say, so you can avoid those pitfalls in future orders. Another reason might be that Fiverr circulates gigs, so your gig will go back to the front soon. If you haven’t already, you can rename your gig gallery images with SEO keywords and respond to any buyer requests that seem decent.


Those in the forum cannot “help you get your Gig ranking back”. You have not even read an hour of the forum - or you would have seen this question is also a hot topic that gets asked multiple times a day here. Your Gig ranking is NOT set in stone on this site. Fiverr rotates Gigs for lots of reasons. One reason perhaps yours has taken a hit is due to what eliiclaire has mentioned - a couple of recent lower reviews. Fiverr takes into account your performance here, and if it is lacking, they will push someone else’s Gig in front of yours to give them a chance - or perhaps they are performing better than you are.

Also, “always being active online” is not the secret sauce to success on Fiverr. Sure, one could argue that being available 18 hours or for some real nutty types 24/7 may allow you to respond to Buyer’s Requests when they are posted or answer a message if someone were to send one, but, for the most part, this is not some inside “trick” to getting more orders. I get most if not all of my orders when I am offline.



You can follow this [Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr

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Hey, can you please explain a bit more about this? Do you mean I should change the file names of the images? I thought Fiverr automatically renames them anyways when uploaded.


I haven’t heard of Fiverr doing that, but you might be right… yes I did mean to change the file names of the images.

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