Recently joined Fiverr. Despite a lot of attention on Instagram I have 0 sales / page views. Help?


Hi guys.

I’ve been doing advanced Photoshop retouching for years, but just discovered Fiverr and wanted to launch HeroWorks as my side business here…

I’m really struggling to get any attention on the website despite a decent social media following… Not sure what I’m doing wrong but nobody seems interested in my Gig.

Here’s a link to my gig :

Please tell me what I could improve? I have a video and photos showing what I do.



@heroworks Ho do you share on instagram? Images/text or text alone? Also, do you think your followers are interested in the service you offer?


Focus on Buyer Requests. You get 10 daily. Make sure you use them!


Unless your Instagram followers are also Fiverr buyers, and unless you have geared your social media posting like an autoresponder geared towards sales it will take some time for the orders to start flowing in.

I saw a viral image on Imgur last week, the artist had mentioned his url in the end, and people started placing orders and advanced booking, he got so many orders, he is booked for the year! He made caricatured versions of people. He did a few samples for free and posted it on social media, the images vent viral and started getting interest from people who wanted to buy from him.

You don’t necessarily have to provide free samples to anyone, but you can upload your practice work on image sharing sites like Dribbble, Imgur, DeviantArt and add your Fiverr url as a footnote.

Long shot : Find a Hollywood celeb, remake a movie poster of one of their movies, and send it to them as a tweet (their marketing team will usually notice it), if it gets retweeted, you have hit the jackpot. << Don’t let this be the ONLY trick up your sleeve.

Once you get to Lvl 1 > Lvl 2 here, you can start getting regular business from Fiverr.


The problem is perhaps in your pricing; it is costly and the cost to work ratio is too low. As a photoshopper myself, I know this is not a difficult task and I could provide 5 images in your 1 image price including unlimited revisions and source file.

  1. Give source file for free.
  2. Give atleast 5 revisions.
  3. Increase the total images.
  4. Remove the extras and provide them included in the package.
  5. Work on your description.


Thanks for all your detailed feedback guys.

Couldn’t find anything within the Buyer Requests section…

I’m also from the UK where the living costs / hourly wage is higher, so it’s difficult to charge any less than $5 for anything that takes a long time to create… Struggling to find a platform for this though.

Thanks once again



I’m a writer rather than a designer but the first thing I noticed was that your gig title is really long. Try to be more concise - perhaps something like ‘I will turn your photo into a movie poster’. It’s easier to read when people are skimming.

Perhaps you could try using your most striking image for your main photo - maybe just an ‘after’ without the ‘before’ (the Turtles one is particularly cool IMO!).

Another good tip is stay online all of the time; I think this somehow boosts your visibility. You can do this by downloading the app, which keeps you constantly logged in.

Buyer requests are great - don’t only focus on exact matches to your gig. If you sell movie posters but can also design a flyer, do that, at least at the beginning. The more sales you get, the more sales you get - if that makes sense!

I would focus on Fiverr itself rather than advertising your Fiverr account outside, like on Instagram. Like someone else on here said, most of your followers won’t use Fiverr. By all means, include your link in your bio and post images but don’t rely on that as a way of getting gigs.

Use keywords in your description and make use of your tags. Just basic SEO - a keyword in your title then 3+ of the same one in your description. Then different relevant ones in your tags.

Finally, don’t increase what you offer for $5. I’m from the UK too and I agree with you - it’s true that you can’t offer the world for $5 and one movie poster for $5 is perfectly reasonable. I charge more than some and I don’t find it puts people off at all. It may even inspire confidence in your service.

I hope this helps! Good luck :slight_smile:



Thanks Katie for your clear and helpful response. I’ll be trying some of the things you suggested - I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to offer some insight and advice. Hopefully I can crack the code of Fiverr yet!

Thanks again



Hi, Create gig packages. Invite your friends and promote/share your gigs on social media. Try to give best customer service to your customers. Never delay your orders. Fiverr is great place to work! Wish you all the best!!


Thanks Fantagiro for your kind words - I’ll keep trying my best - Wish you all the best too!


You are most welcome! :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome - all the best!



+1 to the removing of extras. I’ve skimmed through so many Fiverr gigs, created many of my own, and despite being a developer, I feel like an illiterate person reading all the confusing packages. I’ve noticed that the same happens on the buyer’s side as well. Even buyers who have been on the platform for more than 4 years do not read even the basic gig description properly, leave alone navigating the labyrinth of 3 custom packages and 6 extras in each package. Buyers simply do not read gig descriptions, no matter how floral it is.

But I do not agree to the suggestion to reduce the price.

I’d suggest :
[1 movie poster + no revision + no source file] = 5$
[1 movie poster + 2 revisions + final source file] = 10$
[2 poster concepts + 2 revisions each + source files] = 40$

(One does not simply buy a 40$ gig from someone they are dealing with for the first time, and one has no use for a photo with no editable source file and no revisions. This makes the 10$ option appear as a more VFM option. Use revisions as a bargaining chip to upsell.)

Having a ‘higher than the standard’ price also creates an entry barrier for the kind of people who will buy from you. Once you start pricing it too low, it’s a slippery slope from there and you will attract the wrong kind of buyers who will drain your will to live. More revisions also means that you cannot close the gig and prove to Fiverr that it was ‘satisfactorily delivered’ if the buyer has not exhausted his 5 revisions. It’s like committing to do 5X the work for 1X gig.


Hey silkroute,

Thanks so much for your detailed reply. Very kind of you.

I got my first sale yesterday! Really happy about it.

Thanks guys for your help. I’m excited to see if I get any more.



I agree with turning the extras into packages (it’s proven to work, especially in graphics when buyers may not understand everything they are receiving individually and would just like a bundle).

However, giving the source file for free, atleast 5 revisions and more images would be a bad move. This completely devalues what the seller is offering - which devalues the skill and the task at hand.


This isn’t necessarily true - it all comes down to how you present yourself. If you look like you are desperately gearing for $40, it comes off bad and users may unlikely to purchase (as you put yourself in a position of bargaining weakness but showing everything you want). However, if you are firm with your pricing, present yourself well and show $40 to be a standard cost, users will happily purchase without hesitation.

A real-life example could be equated to burgers. Would I buy a $40 burger meal from Mcdonalds? Probably not - even if it was amazing or “worth it” as the whole way Mcdonalds’ is geared would make it look like a big money grab. Would I pay $40 for a burger meal elsewhere? Yes.


Umm, well the biggest purchase I have done on Fiverr is $100 ($105, counting transaction fee) but that was only after I had worked with that particular seller for a few months, made several orders and trusted her completely.

The last time I paid $25 for a logo to an unknown seller, she punched me in the guts then smacked me across the head with the awful revision. * I still have a black eye from that stolen logo she gave me.

  • From that point on, the most I will pay to a seller, I have never worked with before, is $10. That logo designer had some really great presentation and samples on her profile.

Edit: I’ve never had a $40 hamburger. I had a $30 one in a hotel in SF once. :yum:


@gina_riley2 Buyers have different approaches to buying. My point to silkroute was that you can’t generalize all buyers based on their own purchasing habits. How a gig is presented or pitched can also be a factor.


Hi there, I put out books, so I would like the option of a gig for book posters. (NOT of the cover).
I would like a poster created that offers a fresh take on some content in the book. Maybe a Book poster with ‘7 Pillars of Financial Sense’ and the titles next to it. Could you do a mock up sample and then I can order it. I can even help you with a brief if needed.

I am envisaging orders for book posters for marketing purposes of about one a month, if awesome. Higher res also a good option for another few dollars.


And how large was it?:grinning: The hamburger