Recently joined Fiverr!


Hi, I recently joined Fiverr and I’m in need of tips on becoming successful here. Thanks.


Wow!!! we are on the same page. Just like you, I also want to succeed. I hope we will get to the top here on fiverr…I wish you great success


Good luck to you too


Make your gig properly & when u sand offer to seller that time write in short & clearly,best of luck. If u need more info so tell me.


Read the forum and academy posts and any articles you can find and then if you still have questions, be specific and post them in Conversations not here. The Tips for Sellers forum is for sellers giving tips not for lazy people to ask for non-specific information they can get elsewhere.


Thanks very much


You know lot of tips already :wink:
You are doing great. Wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Hi psychicnirvana,
Welcome on Fiverr :slight_smile: Succes.



Just be very polite to buyers and always provide extras,provide more than what you have offered. This will result in repeat customers and regular buyer and dayuum that’s it you are good to go.


Thanks so much


Welcome to Fiverr! I also just joined as well. So far, it looks like patience may be the key here! Good luck on your gig!


i am new in fiverr .30 minute ago my client send me 3 star rating feedback .But I am finished this work perfectly .Currently i am not sending buyer request because my positive rating is under 90 .How to i solve this problem .I need some help


Fast forward June 2017: The OP has 600 reviews!