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Recently just started Fiverr

I recently just started fiverr and it has been rather slow. I’ve read about ways to improve my sales and the major thing was to share my Gig. So, if you come across, click on my link and if you can, place an order.
PS: I’m a creative writer (ROMANCE AND EROTICA)


Hey Katherine! I’m new here myself. :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion, you might want to screenshot a story you’ve written (ideally one that hasn’t been sold / isn’t the property of a client) and put a picture of a few paragraphs on your gig. It’ll help folks know what to expect in terms of writing skill, tone, etc. Best of luck to you!

Thank you. I really appreciate :blush:

Hi …Kath… am new here and trying to learn from every member of the community… I commiserate with you… I feel you… but as others say… there’s always the first time… you learn from mistakes… you adjust and you advance to the next stage and the cycle goes on until you reach your goal!

So keep on trying and never quit!! Good luck…


Thank you so much Samie.