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Recently we had a pretty bad experience... is there any one out there who just faced the same


hello everyone !

we are a team of professional programmers and it’s been more than 10 years that we are working in this industry…

We recently started freelancing at Fiverr. It was really nice experience for us. As the number of customers and clients from all across the globe trusted and awarded us many projects…

Till now each and every customer turned out as a returning customer…

but recently with one of our client… we had such kind of experience in which he order 4 gigs from us

we worked at his ecommerce shop (customized it accordingly) he was satisfied the work and we did completed his work as per his expectations.

later on we did started a big project for him it was an app… it’s almost 75-80% completed.

he did filed a complaint against us for the work which we did to him just because him app work wasn’t delivered in time… we told him that it’s gonna take some time and later on he changed his mind and filed a complaint against us.

Summing up short… Now fiverr team has blocked our withdrawls :neutral_face: and now our hard earned money is stuck in the middle … we have requested fiverr support team many time… but we think they prefer buyers move over sellers…

Now we have made a contact with that buyer and agreed with us and said ok deliver that remaining work… but that fiverr support team member has placed a ban on our account for some days… (he is saying contact back in 14 days)

What do we do now… ? Any suggestion for how to overcome this issue… will be highly appreciated…

Team Ranksol


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yes removed… sorry about that


Does this mean the order was late? Did you ask for additional delivery time?


I don’t think there’s anything you can do but follow the CS instructions and contact them in 14 days.