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Rechnungen aus Deutschland an Firma in Deutschland

Hallo Schwarmintelligenz,

leider habe ich keinen passenden Thread zu meiner Frage gefunden:

Wie läuft die Rechnungsstellung von mir (aus Deutschland) an eine Firma in Deutschland?
Die Bezahlung läuft über fiverr, als Budget wurde ja ein Netto-Preis vereinbart, aber die Umsatzsteuer muss in Deutschland ja entrichtet werden. Der Netto-Betrag wird auf meine fiverr-Einnahmen überwiesen, die ich dann auf mein Konto überweisen kann.
Aber was mache ich mit den 19 %?

Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe!

Hallo Nadja,

eigentlich habe ich diesem Forum den Rücken gekehrt. Aber deine Frage ist wenigstens vernünftig.

Du hast keine Geschäftsbeziehung mit der Firma in Deutschland, sondern nur mit Fiverr.
Dein “Kunde”, d.h.: die andere Firma aus Deutschland bestellt über Fiverr und bekommt auch nur eine Rechnung über Fiverr!

Wie es mit der in Deutschland zu entrichtenden Umsatzsteuer aussieht kann ich dir jedoch nicht sagen. Wir besitzen in Österreich eine Kleinunternehmerregelung weswegen diese hinfällig bin.

Jedoch: Dein Kunde ist und bleibt Fiverr. Immer!

Liebe Grüße,


Are you asking what Fiverr’s take is on an order? If so, it is 20%.

I could only make out an idea of what your post said since I do not speak fluent German.


What was she asking Toni?


No - she asked about taxation in germany. It was easier for my to answer in german.

She thought that she would have to issue an invoice to the customer separately.

My answer to that:

Fiverr is your customer. And if the other party needs an invoice, they must contact Fiverr. Respectively. they will receive this as an email.

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Cool! Glad she found someone who understood German well enough to answer!

I saw the % thing and thought maybe she didn’t know what Fiverr’s commission was.


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Welcome to the forum

This is an English speaking site, including in the forum. Please provide an English translation here as well as on your gig - which is already in English :slight_smile:

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Oops, sorry! I thought, since this topic will concern mostly Germans it might be okay…

Here is my translation:

How does my (from Germany) invoice to a company in Germany?
Payment is made via fiverr, as a net price was agreed as a budget, but sales tax has to be paid in Germany. The net amount will be transferred to my fiverr earnings, which I can then transfer to my account.
But what do I do with the 19%?

(just for anyone who wants to know, what my question is about…)

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Thank you very much, Toni!

Okay, so fiverr is working like the “agent” if one want to make it clearly.
So I have to send the invoice to fiverr (since I need always to send an invoice, no matter, which country is the client is from. The small business regulation (Kleinunternehmerregelung) isn’t working for me, we can use this here only for a certain annual amount of sales.


Hi genuineguidance,

thanks for reading my post and answering.


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I don’t think you send an invoice to Fiverr to pay tax on a sale you make here. You would have to charge enough for the work you are doing for the client to cover the added tax you need to pay to your government.

At least, that is how self-employment or sales tax type things work here for freelancers and business owners in the U.S.


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