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Recieved 2nd Flag

So i’ve recieved two red flags within two days. I’ve been working so hard on fiverr lately that got me from level one to level 2 seller within one month.
I’m much disappointed as i have a last chance to work as much as i can before my third warning.
Should i work with same spirit , What you guys say , how much i can work with this last chance.


I’d just do whatever you can to not get any more warnings (especially within 90 days or however many is important), maybe especially not the same warnings again. You don’t say what the warnings were for though. I think it’s the how each order/message is dealt with, not the number of orders completed that will be important to Fiverr re: warnings. You can limit the orders in the queue or increase delivery times if needed. You can double check every attachment after delivering, etc. Maybe re-reading the TOS might help avoid future warnings in case they’ve changed it recently.


what exactly did you do ?

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i asked my client to change feedback through gmail, he didn’t know how to do it but he also wanted to change the review. i asked fiverr to change it with the screenshot of our conversation on gmail (something that i would’ve never done) saying that the client also wants to change it. they hit me up with first red flag.

Why would Fiverr be okay with you using Gmail to communicate with a client? You not only did that, but told them you did with a screenshot! On top of that, you asked for feedback. Both of these things are not allowed and for good reason. It’s really unethical and you shouldn’t need Fiverr to tell you that.


Yeah this proverb fits right in ''Cutting off the nose to spite the face".
i wish i could turn time back.

Work with the same spirit and avoid warnings @zain_percy

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Make sure to carefully read and abide by the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page as a violation can risk your account.