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Recieved buyers request but

I received buyer’s request with a budget of $5 but he asked to contact through mail to make things more clear, but through mail what he communicated was that he is not going to pay me but I have to be his partner on web and have to write blogs and the income will be shared :grimacing:
now what :roll_eyes:
need an expert advice.

Strange… i am new here i have no suggestion for you… But best of luck and avoid these kind of people

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By mail, do you mean email?

I don’t think you’d earn very much from this venture, even if this buyer is honest – and it’s a big if!

Avoid this project, and work with buyers who use the site as it’s supposed to be used.

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yes email.
such type of buyers are waned?

We’re allowed to contact buyers outside of Fiverr only when off-site contact is required to complete a job.

Unfortunately, as you’re a writer/proofreader, off-site contact isn’t ever required for you to complete a project. You’re now at serious risk of receiving an account warning.

On Fiverr, every buyer has to pay upfront for services they want. Any buyer who doesn’t respect this is likely to be dishonest or incompetent – in other words, worth avoiding.

Check out the Terms of Service for more info on keeping safe on Fiverr:


How a seller aged two days can be warned :scream:
who even doesn’t exactly know what are terms of service :hushed:

You should read the TOS in detail before getting started. You may only receive a warning for a first time honest mistake.

Anyone will advise you to read those terms of service first


If you do not read the terms of service, carefully, you will probably violate the rules and have your account banned.

Read them two three four or five times. Do it until you understand them.

You are not supposed to contact anyone outside of fiverr and cannot send them an email.


When you signed up for Fiverr, you were told to read TOS.

Before you could finish signing up you were to :ballot_box_with_check: the :stop_button: a box that said, “I have read TOS.”

I read them every once in a while and I have been here over two years. Knowing and understanding them keeps your account safe.

Your profile says you have been on Fiverr since August. Why do you say your seller age is two days? :thinking:

You will not have good luck :four_leaf_clover: with keeping your account if you do not read and follow TOS. :wink:


Do YOU think this sounds like a good thing to do? To write for free for someone?

This is what everyone says when they get you to communicate off-Fiverr or any other platform. They want you to wok for free and likely, they want to harvest your personal information, convince you to do things that aren’t legal, and they will often ask you to pay them every now and again to show you are interested.

Who even doesn’t exactly know what are terms of service? - Come on. You are offering writing and proofreading services. You might be able to get away with the “I’m a poor new seller who didn’t know to read TOS,” but please stop butchering the English language in the process.


as in August i came to know Fiverr exists by creating my account, and from two days I came to know how it works without reading TOS😔

Obviously not dear! that’s why I am asking here to confirm it.

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Ob being proofreader don’t you worry i have passed basic English test, rest I even didn’t know people comment so furiously when they honestly ask about something you don’t know

Phew. Well, I guess that’s Fiverr’s integrity safe for 2020. Well done. - And good luck with your “I will let your content proof read and make it alive” gig.


Do it please! so I can learn something good from you.

Avoid this kind of people!

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I’ve seen the word proofread spelled three different ways on your gigs and forum header.

proff reader? oi vey


Let me recheck and correct it thank you for your interest.

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Are you sure you are able to do that job?

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