Recieved negative review with 2 days left for modifications. (my first negative)


OK so here goes.

The buyer buys my family gig.


I sent him two videos (mind you he only ordered one)

He responds :

"Guys you like so tired and bored… your supposed yo be happy and energetic like in your sample videos…

Please do it once more but with smiles, energy and interest…"

Both the videos were actually energetic and fun with our daughter even.

Can someone please tell me that I just got a bad apple as a buyer and if these videos were as he stated:(unpublished youtube vids- hope it doesn’t break forum regs)


So we send him a third video with message that we would be happy to adjust it for him again if its not to his liking…

And BAM I wake up at 2:30 am with a message of a review from him on my phone. 2.5 stars "poor experience"

Don’t get me wrong it was bound to happen eventually… but come on… seriously 2.5 when the first two were darn near perfect for what you detailed you wanting. Not to mention 2 days left for main order.


It’s a common practice on fiverr … I feel you


You can submit a ticket to have the review removed, just state your case to the staff like you did here. They seem lenient toward the seller for reviews and I think since you offered revisions and asked what you could do to help, you should be in the clear.


Your buyer is an idiot. Those videos are really believable. I was actually waiting for you to post the link cos I wanted to make 70,000 bucks too.

You’re all very natural and have great charisma as a family.

Sadly there are some really dumb people on Fiverr, but most (thankfully) are great.

ardicus said: OK so here goes.

You seriously need to sign up for Wonderclicks and quit this $5 business!!! ;)


After sending him a message and waiting, this has been resolved and turned positive.

He informed me of the changes he wanted and we did them. 2.5 star to a 5.0 much better.