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Recieved rising talent request badge but can't apply

Hey Everyone,

I received email two times about rising talent badge First in 4th august and last time on 9 august.

But i haven’t see the mail.Yesterday i checked the mail was in promotions tab. And when i clicked on apply now it shows warning that it’s expired now.

So can i get the this again from fiverr.



Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

I don’t know for sure, but I rather doubt it. Fiverr takes deadlines very seriously, and it’s likely this one was no different.


Hello onewebdesign617,

Sorry for hear that. If you are using an email service with multiple folders (and tags), make sure to use “All Emails” tag, instead of specific tags. It will list down all emails, so you won’t miss anything. Also make sure to check your emails at least two times per day. You won’t see any benefit at the beginning, but it’s really worth. I hope Fiverr will send you another Rising Talent badge soon based on your service, so you can catch it as soon as received.

Hope this helps.


I send mail to fiverr last day what happend. I am waiting for response.
Are you sure they will send me another mail about rising talent