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Recieved Tip from Buyer But its not showing in pending clearence

I have received a tip from buyer but its not showing in revenue window. :frowning:

I have received total 15$(10$ Tip + 5$ for order) from buyer which is 12$ for me but in revenue pending clearance just showing me 4$ clearance pending

Reply to @kjblynx:

Yes totally true, I noticed that too, tips are separately in revenues, check for revenue above or under that order you will see that it opens same order page…

I have received tip from my buyer. Order was of 150 $ and 30$ tip. Now my pending clearance page is showing 120$ instead of 144$. Anyone have encountered same problem please let me know.

As previously mentioned the tip will show up separately. Make sure to go through your pending clearance to see if you can find it.