Recieved Tip with my first 4 star review


This is the first time i received a four star review with a tip…I was under the impression that if some buyer is giving me the tip for the order that means the buyer highly appreciates my hard work and like the final result but what if the buyer left a 4 star review with the tip? Does the buyer liked my work or he was just behaving insensitive? what do you think?


That’s interesting.
I have no idea what that buyer was thinking. All I can say is that I always leave tips (when purchasing a gig, to pizza delivery guys, at cafes, etc.)—when I’m happy with the service and when I’m not.
So, maybe the buyer always gives tips like me, but was only four-fifths happy with the service?
Or maybe he rated the 3 categories differently and the average was 4 stars. . .

Ok now I am super curious (I wish I knew your name, so gonna call you divya for now) divya. Please update if you ever figure out what happened. :slight_smile:

Hugs, May :sunflower:


Yes @mae_creativity …my name is Divya…and may be you are right…when i asked him about this…he replied “I know i am tricky :)” and i have no idea what makes him say this… I a not happy with my four star review but that’s fine…I hope not to get this rating in future.


Don’t dwell much on this, different buyers out there…I have gotten an information that a buyer could not get in 1 week in less than 10mins via chat while connected remotely to the buyers computer…

I was harsh at the company for not providing my buyer his password and always asking him to do unnecessary things…

He was happy and sing my high praises afterwards via same chat, but when he gave me a review, i got 4.8, i was surprised, with a one line review…

I asked him why, he never responded till now…

So what am just trying to say is, "you got 4.9, don’t try to dwell on it, Divya


I know getting four star review for the first time is not a big deal in my situation right now but what if in future i will get many of these tricky buyers…Just not happy and shared it on forum because i believe in sharing is caring …otherwise i will do my 100% as always :wink:


The buyer rated you from the mobile application and His finger accidentally touched the fourth star :slight_smile:


yes buyer give you rate its best for your ranking in fiverr


If a buyer told you:
I can give you full 5 stars for your service. However if you prefer, for each star I take away I can tip you instead.
What would you choose? (insert x amount of tip here for each star deducted)

Yes, and that buyer is “The Riddler” from “Batman”.


i think it’s a mistake try to contact the buyer and ask about it if buyer choice is 4 star don’t worry it’s a positive review


Don’t worry at all. Receiving 4 star out of 5 with a tip is considered good. I think there are some buyers who think 4 star is the best rating after getting pleased. They don’t rate you 5 star. That doesn’t matter for a buyer or it’s not the sign of displeasement, ok? But it can be an important matter for us, for our sales! So, try to convence him and make him realize what’s the importance of their ratings and reviews.

Although I haven’t got any tip yet and totally new here. But got a 5 star rating and a positive review by completing an order. Hoping to get order with tip again.Haha


I bet honey that is the same client that I had before. Same thing happened to me.


@gamunu I don’t think so…he intentionally done this…He was just been tricky :stuck_out_tongue:


As per my experience…no buyer ever told me that i will give you 5 star or four star…and never discussed about the tip during the order…I got rated based on the buyers satisfaction.


Yes, naturally no one does.
I was just making a silly little side joke, since everyone else pretty much exhausted this topic with their accurate responses.

If the 4 stars were genuine, the tip could have been actually for the purpose to motivate you to work a little bit harder (I am not saying that you don’t work hard enough, please don’t get me wrong) for his next order.
Or maybe he is a very very demanding buyer, and only gives 5 stars to exceptional gig outcomes, might be even 1 out of a 100 gigs he orders from different sellers.

Either way, if he was sincere in his evaluation, there surely is a reason behind the 4 stars, and now it depends it you have the motivation to dig deep and find out the reasons behind it, whether by directly asking him politely by saying that you would like to know the reasons so you could improve in the future overall, or by looking at your work and how it could be improved for the 5 stars. The latter being harder to figure out I suppose.


If your work is great buyer himself give 5 star some buyer give also tips


I think you better not contact the buyer, it could annoy the buyer. Be happy with the tip :slight_smile:


@divyagoel I had a Same experience and i just asked my buyer that why he gave only 4 stars as if you are confident about the work you did just ask him and in my case he just told me that he didn’t even notice that he pressed 4 stars and then he modified to 5 Stars

so my suggestion is to ask him and if you got the same answer ask him to modify the ratings as RATINGS are REAL wealth on Fiverr

Best of Luck

Shahaan Shaukat


Fortunately you got it but my case is different…The buyers did this intentionally and i am ok with it now. Feeling motivated for more work.


Then no problem Just Keep it High :slight_smile:

Best of Luck