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Recieved two warning from terms of services


hello… i have recievd two warnings from TOS on my fiverr account… Now , i am confused what should i do… i need your help… i want to know how many warnings are enough to disable fiverr account… looking forward for your great reply… thanks


What were the warnings about? Receiving two warnings means you never complied to the first one.


That depends on why you got warned.

Multiple accounts? That will get you banned quickly. Graphics that are not yours to use? Same gig description as someone else (either your other account, or another seller)? Some other violation?


thanks for reply… can i never become level one seller?


That’s a completely different question. If 30 days pass after your second warning and provided you don’t get a new one, AND meetall the criteria, then yes you will be promoted.

But if I were you, I’d worry about getting a third warning which will get you banned.


can we refresh our account from these two warnings…?


Ok, I’m out.



Only if you instantly stop violating the rules.

Don’t use a photo of someone else as your profile picture, don’t steal someone else’s gig description, don’t use graphics that you haven’d designed from scratch, don’t have more than one account, stop doing everything that got you warned in the first place.


Lol you’re not listening. But for those who are, I’ll sum it up:

  1. It depends on what you were warned for. Certain things will get you banned from the start. Certain things they give you leeway to improve.
  2. You can still rank up in the level system by improving your warning standings/rating through good behavior for a certain amount of time.
  3. Warnings kind of refresh every 60 days in terms of levels, but they will always be there and may haunt you if you continue to break the rules.

That is all.


now. if i recieve the third warning ever in life, will may account be blocked or there is some way to save?


Considering that you only seem to care about how many times you can violate the rules before you get banned, you will probably get banned (your other accounts, too).


i am using only one account


That’s a relief.

So why did you get 2 warnings for?
And why aren’t you addressing the issue?


There’s another account from the same country, created in the same month, with the same gig description, and offering similar services.

It doesn’t look like you’re using only one account.


she/he may have copied my description… i received two warning because i couldn’t deliver orders on time… as a result , buyers reported me


Did you deliver late or did you deliver “nothing” to stop the timer?


once i delivered late and the other time, i tried to stop timer…


Yeah the second time you broke Terms of Service.

You will get banned if you do that again.

You don’t seem to have that many orders so my advice would be to extend your standard delivery time if you have other issues.

Or create custom offers with extended delivery time if one is needed for a particular project.


thank you… i got what you say…


And get rid of that fake profile pic while you are at it.