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Recieving orders


what can i do to improve my gigs to start receiving orders. i have changed the prices and still don’t have any views. any one help ???


Hello @aawahhab,
It would be better if you don’t change the gigs information frequently. Try to promote your gig on social sites.


@taslim_milon thanks for advise


Hello ! Dont worry about it. It happens to all sellers at some time. Promotw your links everyday, send buyers requests, be active a lot in Fiverr and you will get there. Also read all the topics here for selling tips. Good luck

Maria S.


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Fix your packages. No one will order the Standard or the Premium package:



thanks for replying. but when i click the buyer requests button. it always empty i don’y know why


why is it expensive ??


No, it’s wrong. Check the screenshoot. You need to understand where is the problem.