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I want to know the trick for getting my gigs on recommend list. If any one know this please pm me


The trick is to complete more orders and have more positive reviews, your gigs are still fresh and new.

On a period of time,gigs are reviewed by Fiverr Editorial team who decides which one are going to be featured,promoted or focused,based on their uniqueness,creativity and prosperity.


You must sit in a bath filled with beans (baked), or if you are not English some slop of your culture is acceptable. Once you have debased yourself in the cold midwinter in a bath of food that nobody will eat, only then will you be considered for 2 people to see your gig a day.

Side note: one greek canning company doesn’t sell baked beans anymore. All used up. Shame, they were the best. Didn’t have so much sugar so didn’t burn up. Kykynos?

If you have 100+ EUR for a tub of beans, go ahead.

Will you know when one of your gigs is featured/promoted by Fiverr? Or can it happen without even noticing it?



The will send a congratulation message or notification whatever.

dont know anything because i am new here :frowning:

Sounds like it’s just a matter of working to improve your gig every day, and continuing to deliver excellent work. Unfortunately its simply a matter of hard work. But I do like emmaki response.

Lol you remind me of Dorothy from the Golden Girls.