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Recommend Sellect for bg removal!?


I’ve spent last 2 week trying to find someone who can remove white background on my images. After over 30 sellers I still haven’t found a person who can deliver high-quality work. First of all, they cannot speak English for ****. Secondly, they all make a delivery even if the work is not good, then they expect me to explain it to them what exactly is wrong. I mean wtf.

So right now I’m desperate and angry, because my images are not complicated at all!

Can anyone recommend me a seller who is reliable and who can do the work with quality without expecting me to babysit him and guide him through his freaking mistakes?

Mod Note: Moved to a category where sellers are permitted to promote themselves.

hahahah I laugh at what you wrote is the boss, can I try one of yours work? try to send a picture and I will remove the background

hahahah I laugh at what you wrote is the boss, can I try one of yours work? try to send a picture and I will remove the background :slight_smile: :joy::smiley:

My point exactly. :frowning:

Hello, I have an image editing firm with 20 professional employees. So we are very eager to work with you. At first sent us an image as Trial to judge our quality.Please knock me via fiverr inbox. Looking to hear from you soon


Well, there definitely are a few photoshop wizards among the people who post on the forum regularly who speak English very well or at least well enough to be able to communicate about an order, but I guess many of them aren´t the kind who’d self-promote themselves here, so that´s a bit difficult, and I’m not sure who does background removal specifically.
You might have a better result here, if you´d not ask for a recommendation, but for something related to background removal, and some of them might answer, so you could check out their profiles.

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To be fair, if you come on here ranting and raving about shit work along with a title that makes no sense, you’re going to get crappy responses because anyone reasonable is going to have twigged you as a potential bad buyer and noped out of this. As you can see, 20 people have seen this post and backed off sharpish, leaving you with someone who is already sliding into insanity.

(EDIT: plus a couple of others who inconveniently posted themselves in between, thereby damning themselves with the same charge…:wink: )

I’m sure you won’t like any seller with this attitude.

You should then tell the sellers specifically to use the Pen tool, otherwise, they would be ending with using the Background eraser/ Magic wand + Refine edge, that are the quickest methods but don’t give the perfect result sometimes(Or to say, most of the times).

But if you are preferring the “20/30 images for $5” sellers, then you should be expecting a not-so perfect result for obvious reasons keeping in mind that the Pen tool + Refine method requires 3-10 mins for 1 image depending on the image complexity.


(Actually, while Emma might sound a bit harsh, which is but one of her loveable characteristics, she is not entirely incorrect. In fact, I was one of the 20 who looked at the thread already hours ago but didn´t really want to post nor recommend anyone I ‘know’, and then only did reply because a thread with almost no replies looks so sad, and because in dubio pro reo. ;))


I also looked and choose not to respond. I am very protective of my best sellers and those that I know will do a great job.

Until I know that a buyer won’t turn out to be one of those - every frequent visitors know who - I won’t make recommendations.

Yup, Emma’s right on point! :laughing:

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